10 Animal Halloween Costume Ideas

It is so difficult to decide who to be for halloween! What about instead of “who” you should be thinking “which animal!”  There are hundreds and hundreds of animals in the world, and by dressing up as one for halloween you come with a ready-made idea of what the animal is, how it should walk, and what it should sound like which will add a whole new dimension to your halloween costume!

Here are 10 costume ideas for halloween if you want to be an animal:

1.  Gorilla – yes this is a traditional choice, but for good reason! You can “ape around” and act totally foolish and it’s part of the whole gimmick.  Also, it’s a fairly easy costume to find.

2.  Frog – you can be “kermit”, the “frog prince” or just a toad!

3.  Penguin – this animal is on the list because the costume is VERY easy to make yourself at home! You just need black and white fabric.

4.  Bat – this is a traditional halloween favorit because it is so associated with the October month!

5.  Bird – this is a great choice for girls because this can be a very cute girly costume with all the feathers and colors.

6.  Turtle – be a teenage mutant ninja turtle or just a normal turtle!

7.  Turkey – this is a nice choice because it also segways well into Thanksgiving!!

8.  Elephant – very fun outfit because of the Loonnn loooong trunk you get to wear on your nose!

9.  Alligator – think TEETH.  Plenty of TEETH.

10.  Shark – Another teethy costume.  You can also rig this one up to look like you just ate a human!

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