Be the Green Hornet

This halloween you can be the Green Hornet! The green hornet is a superhero that originated in the 1930s – his “alter ego” is Britt Reid – a newspaper publisher. The Green Hornet is a great halloween idea because you need one main ingredient – a mask! Pair it with a trench coat, add a sidekick and you practically have the whole halloween costume.

This is a good choice for kids or adults that fall into one of these categories:

1.  you want to be a superhero

2. you want to be able to put a halloween mask on your face to disguise your identity

3.  you want to be someone for halloween that you can create from pieces of clothing you have around your home

4.  you want to be someone for halloween from either a movie or comic book

5.  you want to be recognized – let’s face it – the movie just came out so who would not recognize the Green Hornet!?


This halloween be the Green Hornet by creating your own costume!

green hornet costume

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