easy homemade halloween costume ideas

Here are some easy homemade halloween costume ideas to help you save money this year! All these costumes can be made at home by you for little or no money. All you’ll need to get your halloween costume perfect is a little bit of time and a creative mind!

#1.  Cook –
almost everyone has some supplies at home for this!! Make your own chef hat from construction paper.  Add an apron, carry around a ladel, cooking spoon, or spatula.  Accessories with fake fruits!

#2.  Mechanic –
a pair of overalls, a white tee, and some black face paint for grease will make you a grease monkey easily and quickly! Accessorize with a wrench!

#3. Cotton Ball –
Go to walmart and buy some of the foam stuffing filling that looks just like cotton. Wear white and glue it all to the front!

#4. Spongebob Squarepants –
all you need for this homemade costume is a large rectagular box and some yellow construction paper! fit the box around yourself and decorate!

#5. Lollipop girl –
great costume choice for adult women; just put your hair in pigtails, put on a short schoolgirl pleated skirt, some knee-high white socks and patent shoes. Carry around one of those big lollipops!

#6. Tree –
wear brown pants and a green top. Green facepain too. Your arms will be branches. Add some leaves to your arms and top!

#7. Candy Cane –
dress in all white. Get some red fabric from wal-mart and wrap it dianollay around your body!

#8. Man in Black –
Black suit, black sunglasses. Carry around a tire gauge and tell people you’re going to wipe their minds clean!

#9. Night Sky –
Dress in all black (form fitting is better). Cut out stars from white paper and tape them on your body. If you have some of those glow-in-the-dark stars from the store that works well too!

#10. Zombie –
Tear up some old clothes, add some dirt and some blood and walk with a limp!

There you go! There are ten easy homemade halloween costume ideas so you don’t spend alot of money this year!

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