Girl Costumes

For girls, the choice of who to be for halloween can be very difficult. You want to dress up as someone cute most of the time, but does a cute costume mean that it can’t be a cool costume? Or a serious costume? Or a popular one? No! The outfits below are totally girly in everyway, and are very popular because they are not only girly, but also are easily recognizable. And some are quite serious (geisha! gangster!)…being girly doesn’t mean you can’t be tough!

Once you’ve chosen your halloween outfit, the best way to accessorize it is to do a google search to find photos of what each of these outfits typically looks like. You’ll often find some ideas to get you headed down the correct path on how you can make these halloween costumes yourself. Use your imagination too! Just because you’ve seen a costume done a certain wayt doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own. The easiest way to customize it is to identify the “iconic” pieces from the costume, and be sure to include those pieces. From there have fun mixing and matching it up. Keep in mind that some of these costumes also can look great with a partner…for example, Dorothy – bring your dog and he can be toto! Or a cowgirl – bring along a friend that’s dressed up as a cowboy!

1. Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz)

2. Candy Girl

3. Princess

4. Spice Girl

5. Geisha

6. Pirate

7. Gangster (or Gangsta!)

8. Witch

9. Cheerleader

10. Cowgirl

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