Halloween Pirate Costumes

Who should you be for halloween? How about a pirate! Not all are the same either,s o you need to decide exactly who you want to be – make your choice from these famous halloween pirate costumes ideas!! Each one has his own special look or something that makes him unique. Don’t just tell people you’re a pirate this year – tell them WHICH pirate! Here are the 10 most famous pirate costumes – both fictional and real..


1.  Captain Jack Sparrow – everyone knows Cap’n Jack from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean!

2.  Captain Barbossa – Character from Pirates of the Caribbean that at times works with and against Jack Sparrow.

3.  Captain Kidd – William Kidd was best known for possibly leaving behind a great treasure! Originally sent to get rid of the pirates, some people do not even consider him a pirate at alL!

4.  Blackbeard – A real life pirate made famous from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

5.  Redbeard – aka Barbarossa – a pirate on the Barbary Coast in the 1500s.

6.  Henry Morgan – a privateer that had a reputation as a scoundrel that sailed the caribbean and many considered a pirate. He is a romantic pirate character that has a rum named after him!

7.  Calico Jack – an English pirate in the Bahamas during the late 1600s. He wore calico clothing, hence his nickname!

8.  Black Bart – aka Bartholomew Roberts – one of the most successful pirates ever that had “Sunday Services” on his ship.

9.  Henry Avery – one of the most feared pirates of the Red Sea.

10. Grace O’Malley – the famous “Pirate Queen of Ireland” who lived in the mid to late 1500s.

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