Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you still don’t know who you’re going to be for halloween and you need a last minute halloween costume idea, you’re in the right place!! A last minute costume has to be easy to make or find, inexpensive, and hopefully fun and recognizable. Here are some ideas to put you on the right track if it’s halloween night and you still have no idea who you are going to be!

Last Minute Costume Ideas:
1. Nerd
2. Cowboy / Cowgirl
3. Clown
4. Ghost (all you need is a sheet!)
5. Football player / cheerleader
6. Baby
7. Army man / girl
8. Prom Queen / King
9. Bride (or Groom)
10. Baker or Chef

Hopefully you have items around the house that will make at least one of these outfits!! Keep in mind the easiest way to find and make a last minute halloween costume is to look in your closet (or your mom’s or friend’s closet) and see what you have! You probably have the clothes to be a gardner or a farmer or even a business person, and if you need a last minute costume, these will work just great and you won’t have to buy anything!! Another twist to keep in mind is that almost any costume can be made into a zombie! 🙂

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