Top Halloween Costumes in 2010

One thing many people do when choosing who to be for halloween is look at the popular costumes from the prior year.  Often many of those Halloween costumes will still popular in the current year. So what were the top halloween costumes in 2010?

Here are the top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2010 according to the National Retail Federation:

1.  Witch

2.  Vampire

3.  PIrate

4.  Nurse

5.  Vixen / Wench

6.  Cat

7.  Zombie

8.  Fairy

9.  Athlete and Batman are in a Tie

10.  Star Wars

Now if you talk to people about who they wanted to be for Halloween in 2010, some other costumes emerge:

1.  Jersey Shore Cast Member

In 2010 reality TV was as big as ever – some of the most popular halloween costumes were dressing up as their favorite reality stars – most commonly the stars of Jersey Shore…Pauly D and Snooki have such unique looks that creating a costume of them is not only ridiculously funny, but incredibly easy….and most current people will instantly recognize who they were.  The main thing you’ll need for a Jersey Shore costume:  Hair!  Lots of attention to hair.

2.  Lady Gaga

Well, one of the top halloween costumes by far in 2010 was of course Lady Gaga.  No two costumes for Lady Gaga are alike – to create this costume, you basically dress as outrageously as possible in an “artistic” way.  The main thing you’ll need to dress up as Lady Gaga – a creative mind to make an outrageous outfit.

3.  Choose someone from Twilight

Vampires are always a traditional favorite costume, but in 2010 the vampires from the movie Twilight made a big splash in particular in the Halloween Costume scene.  Edward Cullen being one of the favorite costumes.

4.  A Toy from Toy Story

Among kids, when asked who they would choose / did choose to be for halloween 2010 – many will tell you someone from Toy Story – Woody and Jessie top picks for girl and boy respectively.  And the look is so easy to do with something straight from the closet – think cowboy and cowgirl!


5.  Iron Man

Everybody dreams about being a superhero.  If you can’t be one in real life, the second best choice is to choose to be one for halloween.  Of course Robert Downey Jr. did not hurt anything when he made Iron Man one of the top movies in the box office either.  🙂

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