Animal Costumes

So what if who you want to be is an animal?? What animal costume should you choose to be for halloween? Well, there are tons of choices out there, but here are some of the best costume ideas that people have dressed up as…

1. Werewolf / Wolf – This is an extremely popular animal costume mainly because these animals are seen as terrifying and scary, excactly what halloween is supposed to be!

2. Cat – This is an obvious animal costume choice that is extremely popular with both women and girls mainly because they can be dressed up to look very cute in a cat costume. Many people choose a black outfit as it is considered “sexy” and sleek.

3. Gorilla – The gorilla suit is a great choice for men, who often like to be seen as strong and beefy. Great for a muscly guy! Or perhaps even better for a skiny guy that can put muscles underneath his costume to complete the outfit!

4. Cow – What? Yes, the cow outfit is a great choice to dress up as for halloween. It’s easily recognizable and hilarious – utter butter anyone??

5. Rooster – Another fun farm animal costume is the rooster! The best part of getting dressed up as this bird as the rooster comb (the part on top of the head) and the wattle (the part under the beak).

6. Bear – This is a popular choice for kids, or any adult that likes the full-body costume (or anyone that wants to be cuddly – think teddy bear)!

7. Penguin – This is a good choice because it is very easy to do – all you need is a black outfit and a streak of white down the center of your chest…think black jacket and white shirt! Kids can do it up even better with a full-body outfit.

8. Octopus – This outfit is guaranteed to get you oohs and aahhs. What people love about it are the long tentacle arms…anything that has more than two arms is always a halloween hit! Keep that in mind!

9. Mouse – Great choice for girls, women and kids. Draw some whiskers on your face, put some ears on your head and you’re almost done. Another plus is that this can easily be partnered with someone else that’s dressed as a cat… you can be tom and jerry, or simply the cat chasing the mouse!

10. Bat – Nice halloween idea because this is a creature that is always associated with halloween – and who doesnt want a pair of wings on their back!?!?!

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