Boy Costumes

If you’re a boy who is looking for a halloween costume, look no further! Here are some of the most popular things that boys want to be for halloween. Many of the outfits are fairly easy to make yourself!

1. Indian – Every boy wants the Indian costume! And there is nothing wrong with going super traditional and getting a headress or a friend who wants to dress up as a cowboy!

2. Knight – I think every boy falls in love with the knight from medieval times. If you have a suit of armor – or perhaps merely a sword, this is a fun, exciting choice!

3. Astro Boy – Made popular by the manga series, television show, and more recently video games, this is an unusual superhero with a rather easy outfit to make yourself.

4. Shark Boy – Since the release of the movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl, for this costume you’ll need a full body grey suit, some grey glove, and a grey chest plate.

5. Cowboy – easy to make from things at home! Key item of clothing you’ll need is a cowboy hat. A red bandana, jeans, vest, and boots will complete the look!

6. Ghost – Traditional, simple, and totally halloween.

7. Hippie – another costume that’s an easy do-it-yourself. Especially great for boys with long hair! Time to pull out the bellbottoms!

8. Dog – Everyone wants a tail! And what boy doesn’t want to draw whiskers on his face?

9. Batman – Superhero. Need I say more?

10. Armyman – This is a true favorite, pull out anything camo to complete the look. Don’t forget the helmet!

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