Kids Costumes

Who do your kids want to be for Halloween? The answer always depends on who the kid is obsessed with at the moment which often comes from popular movies, comics, books, or posters that they’ve been seeing, watching, or reading. To get a good idea on who your kid wants to be you can check out their bedroom to see what they’ve collected. This will often give you a good idea.

If you’re a kid that’s reading this trying to figure out what you want to be, the below list represents some of the more popular kids costume searches. Which means that yes, on halloween you may very likely see others dressed up as some of these outfits. But it also means that everyone will want to be you!

1. Pirate

2. Clown

3. Monster

4. Dragon

5. Lion

6. Elf

7. King

8. Dinosaur

9. Michael Jackson

10. Rabbit

All of these choices can be dressed up by both girls and boys, that is one of the things that makes these costumes in particular very good for any kid to choose. And yes, I know what you’re thinking – and yes, even a girl can be Michael Jackson for Halloween!

Another great thing about alot of these outfits is that they are not just for one specific year…they are costumes that would work well in 2000 just as much as 2012! And everyone, no matter when they were born will recognize the costume! So this halloween, kids need to get dressed up!

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