Men Costumes

There’s alot of pressure on men when choosing a halloween costume…it has to be good!! Many men also don’t want to be the center of attention…which is the exact opposite of what a halloween costume is designed to do. So who should they be? The answer to the question is going to depend on the personality type of the man…if he’s attention grabbing, then the choice becomes much easier – the world is your oyster! If the man however is more likely to not necessarily want to be the center of attention, the halloween outfit becomes much harder to choose.

Here are a few ideas for this halloween..

1. Disco Man

2. Someone from the 80s

3. Sailor

4. Aladdin

5. Cyclops

6. Pirate

7. Cupid

8. Mad Hatter

9. An Egyptian

10. Gladiator

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