So you want to be a millionaire for Halloween? Well, this costume idea is a little bit difficult since you must choose from the few elite rich people that can be imitated easily and the ones that are distinguishable to the public eye. Your costume idea should outshine all others on Halloween night yet not cost you a lot of money to make, you still want to be worth something once you buy that costume!

When you get your outfit together you mights also want to gather some facts about the famous millionaire that you choose. You should research their habits and the way they act! That way you can imitate as much as possible all of the mannerisms.

Another good tip to be able to pull off the act that you are about to set forth is to research some quotes. These quotes should be the catch phrase of the person whom you choose to dress up as, this will also help with you outfit and make you the star of the party! A great thing to do would be to wiki the biography of your selection to understand the timeline of the life and how the person gained the wealth that they have. Believe it or not, this will all help you for the night of Halloween.

Here are the top 10 millionaire costume ideas!

1. Steve Jobs

2. Donald Trump

3. Bill Gates

4. Mark Zuckerberg

5. Warren Buffet

6. P.Diddy

7. Michael Dell

8. Mark Cuban

9. Regis Philbin

10. Queen of England

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