Pet Costumes

Who should your pet be for halloween? Finding a pet costume can be fun and exciting, and these days your pet can be almost anyone who you can be! Practically the only challenge in choosing a costume will be finding the appropriate size…

Here are some of the best ideas on who your pet should be for halloween….

1. Scooby Doo

2. The Devil – they’re a devil most of the time anyway, right? Go ahead, dress up Fido or Fida as the King of the Demons! Hhahahaha This is a great costume choice for both cats and dogs!

3. Hot Dog – This is a creative halloween pet costume that has become popular recently, because it’s a play on words – this is a great choice for dogs, not so much for cats or any other pets who you might want to dress up.

4. Superhero – Who is it? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your dog! Or cat! This is a great costume choice because there are plenty of costume companies that cater to the pet superhero costume – popular choices include superman, batman, and for the female, wonderwoman! It’s also an especially cute costume because it adds in fake arms and legs.

5. Fireman – This is a nice choice especially for dalmations since they are “firedogs” anyway!

6. Spider – Who isn’t afraid of a spider? Especially when it’s on your dog or cat! Also, this is a good pet choice (for both dogs and cats) because it can basically just strap on their backs and you don’t need any kind of mask for the face. Works especially well on black dogs or cats.

7. A human – for your pet that can’t decide who he wants to be for hallowen, this is a great costume choice. The great thing about this option is that you don’t need to buy anything! Just slip a shirt and a cap on your pet and you’re good to go!

8. Vampire – Nice simple costume choice for pets because all you really need to get it started is a cape. And most pets will wear a cape pretty easily!

9. A girl – just slip a skirt or tutu on your dog or cat and this costume is practically complete. And you will for sure get tons of laughs! (Tutus work best).

10. A Bat – This is another easy pet costume to make – basically all you have to do is strap some wings to your dog back!

So, those are the top 10 pet costume ideas – who is your pet going to be for halloween?!?

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