who to be for halloween 2011

If you’re searching for your 2011 halloween costume and still don’t know who you want to be for halloween this year, you’re in the right place! The most popular costumes of 2011 are going to be a mixture of reality, celebrities, and movie costumes.  Already halloween stores are starting to stock what they think will be big…here are some of the biggest hits that are forecasted for this year!  So, without further ado, here are the choices on who to be for halloween 2011!


1.  Lady Gaga – yes, this was a popular halloween costume last year, but it’s going to be big this year as well.  One of the things that keeps this choice on the list again this year is that it’s so versatile! Lady Gaga never dresses the same way twice.  All you need is a little imagination and some odd household objects to create your very own costume.


2.  Vampire – I know this seems like another traditional costume that you see year after year, but in 2011, this will be popular again.  With movies like Twilight and TV Shows like True Blood, the vampire is still very much alive and current.  The look is going to be very current – young, pale, sparkly skin.  Look for plenty of Edward Cullens and Bellas out and about this year.


3.  Green Lantern – The Green Lantern is very likely to be another popular halloween costume choice this year because of the recent movie release and the “masked” quality of this outfit.  Kids especially will be attracted to the lantern.


4.  Captain America – I’ll not just talk about the Captain America costume in this category, but really any of the Avengers are likely to be very popular halloween costumes in 2011.  Iron man, Captain America, and Thor are all likely to be top choices as preparations are underway to bring all the Avengers together!


5.  Smurfs – This is who many kids will want to be for halloween, and it’s easily done with a little blue body paint like what they use at sports events!  Also, many halloween stores are starting to stock up on this particular outfit.


6.  Katy Perry – When women are wondering who to be for halloween, many of them will look to celebrities and rockstars and one in particular – Katy Perry.  Many people think that she is quite cartoonish already,so making a halloween costume out of things you already have at home is very easy.  Her outfits are also considered “sexy” another thing that women and girls want to be for halloween!


7.  Harry Potter – The final Harry Potter movie released this year and there are still plenty of muguls out there with Harry on the brain.  Be prepared to see many Potter costumes walking around!


8.  Captain Jack Sparrow – This is a halloween costume idea that has been very popular since the first Pirates of the Carribbean release, and with the last movie released to theaters, Johnny Depp and in particular Jack Sparrow are still hot.


9.  Ghostface from Scream – Scream 4 came out in April of 2011 and what is better than being this iconic ghost on October 31?  Be prepared to see a few of them floating around.


10.  Transformer – There are many kids that are going to want to be this popular costume this year, and it is one that is easily made from home with boxes and imagination.


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