Sexy Halloween Costumes 2011

If you’re a girl, you probably want to know what the sexy halloween costumes are for 2011. When choosing a sexy costume, you can go one of two ways – either wear a costume that makes you feel sexy because it accentuates the features that you want to show off, or choose an outfit that guys think are attractive.  The below list is a good mixture of both.

Here is a list of some of the top sexy costumes!

1.  Lady Gaga
Her outrageous and minimal costumes make this choice an easy one to make “sexy”.
sexy tinkerbell costume

2.  Sexy Tinkerbell
Short skirt and fairy wings and you can put glitter on!

3.  Paris Hilton
Don’t forget to strike the Hilton pose.

4.  Wonder Woman
Body skimming superhero suit!

5.  Sexy vampire
Wear a short black dress with a cape and add a pair of fangs. Die your hair black for a nice extra touch.

sexy pirate costume
6.  Pirate / Buccaneer costume
Bustiers and corsets, nice touch!

7.  Avenger Costume
Be a masked avenger with a cape!

8.  Katy Perry and her cupcake bra costume
Made famous in her music video.

9. French Maid Costume
A traditional favorite.

sexy devil costume
10.  Devil Costume
This outfit is super traditional. Short red dress and horns!

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