Couples costumes 2011

Halloween is coming up very quickly!  Do you have someone that you want to dress up with?  If you are a guy and a girl and need some couples costumes for 2011, there are a number of good choices to choose from!  You do not need to buy an actual halloween outfit to be any of these characters – most of them can be made just by finding an image of the actual movie character and making the costume yourself at home from things you have around the house!  The key is to find the main thing of each character that makes them unique so that people will recognize you when you’re out trick-or-treating or at the halloween party!

Here are some couples costumes ideas taken from movies relased in 2011 to get you started:

Guy – girl couples costumes 2011:

1.  Hermione Granger & Harry Potter

2.  Papa Smurf & Smurfette

3. Gnomeo & Juliet

4.  Red Riding Hood & the werewolf

5.  Ghostface & Teen girl

6.  Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy

7.  Edward Cullen & Bella

8.  Jack Sparrow & Angelica Teach

9.  Captain America & USO Girl

10.  Charles Xavier & Mystique




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